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“I know a digital course is a genius move, but…”

You’re not sure where to start.
You don’t feel like people would see you as an ‘expert’.

Before I launched my first course, these were my hang-ups, too.

You don’t feel like you have the time to create and run it.
You don’t have the audience to launch it to.
You don’t think you have the marketing skills to really sell it.
You’re worried about the cost or learning the ‘tech’.
You don’t feel like you’re in the right headspace
You want to be 100% ready for a new chapter.

That’s why I sat down, put in my headphones, and learned Amy’s Porterfield’s course launching system back in 2015. I was already an avid listener of her podcast, but I was ready for something that could get me out of the constant cycle of burnout with my career, trading my time for money (and never really growing my income.) 

She’s helped 50k other students like me gain the skills and the mindset and the longevity. 

It’s time to leverage the power of a digital course to finally unlock your income, your time, and new opportunities for impact and adventure!

Doors to Digital Course Academy are officially Closed for enrollment!

“Amy's step-by-step process helped me get focused on what I needed to do to make it really work.

I signed up for Digital Course Academy as fast as I could, with the intention of being Amy’s most successful student EVER… with a huge six-figure launch. I didn’t have much to work with: no website, a 4k e-mail list, and not a whole lot of direction. Amy’s step-by-step process helped me get focused on what I needed to do to make it really work. I refined my brand and message, planned my content strategy, and pivoted my bonuses. Working with Amy has filled me with a clarity and confidence I didn’t know I had.

Amanda Ferguson - Feminine Woman Academy


Digital Course Academy?

so, What’s in the

Oh, I am so glad you asked!

Why Digital Course Academy has been so successful for people who have never created a Digital Course

based on what you know and what your audience will gladly pay for 🙋‍♀️💸 (no more stalling over whether your idea is “good enough”).

✓ Nailed Down Your Course Topic 

to make absolutely sure your audience wants what you'll create (before you create it), while giving yourself a cash and confidence boost upfront! 💪

✓ Validated and Pre-Sold Your Program

and irresistible offer that authentically enrolls the best prospects into your course. 🤩

✓ Developed a High-Converting Webinar

even if you’re a total technophobe, have a teensy budget, or have never recorded a single video in your entire life. 🎥

✓ Expertly Recorded Your Course Content

with clear and motivating revenue goals, incentivizing bonuses, and a pre-launch runway to grow your audience full of future buyers. 🤝

✓ Crafted Your Course Marketing Plan

and post-webinar email funnel to amplify your course sales and make sure your hard-earned prospects have the best possible chance to convert. 🥳

✓ Crafted a Compelling Sales Page

You’re about to become an educator and entrepreneur at the same time. 

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When you finish Digital Course Academy, you’ll have successfully: 

(or have unsuccessfully tried this on their own)

Amy didn’t just build you a world-class course, she’s also STACKED it with extras to keep that “I can really do this!” fire burning throughout every step of the process!

Take a Quick Peek

In The Digital Course Academy, you're gettin’:

(and don’t forget to take a look at Amy’s bonuses here, too!)

to take you from step ONE to step DONE when it comes to learning and launching your own digital course!

6 Implementation Modules

to help you find an audience for your live classes and webinars every single time.

The Webinar Fill-Up Formula

to catch you up to PRO status and make it so you’re never, ever doing guesswork to launch your course.

Next-level email marketing, sales page, and social media strategies

showing you how to create and deliver a high-converting webinar presentation so you can teach and sell your course with confidence!

A complete, step-by-step launch plan

Bonus 1: How to Turn Your Live Launch into a Profit Generating Evergreen Funnel – Get an overview of all the big moving pieces of this very launch so that you can snatch the blueprint to evergreen your own course and make money while you rest! (a $497 value)

Bonus 2: 9 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions with Amy in a Member’s Only Facebook Group - Yes, Amy’s got office hours! With private sessions to make sure you’re always supported by your course mentor, you’ll also connect with your new community of other course creators! (a $997 value)

Bonus 3: Start from Scratch Module: How to Kickstart Your Email List to Grow Your Online Business — You *know* you need to figure out email. This brim-filled bonus will help you get laser focused on building momentum with your email list faster, so you can hit the ground running when ready to launch your course. (a $197 value)

Bonus 4: Your Time-Saving AI Course Creation Assistant— In this DCA exclusive bonus, Amy is teaching you how to use and maximize AI to tackle the more tedious course creation tasks so you can cut your "task time" in half. (a $149 value)

An Exclusive *Pay in Full* Bonus: how to Use Facebook Ads to Fill Up Your Webinars – Simply put, my launches wouldn’t soar so high without the crazy rocket boosters that Facebook Ads are! It’s time to remove the mystery of how to use them strategically, sans the headache.  (a $997 value)

And because Amy is EXTRA, she's handing over these brilliant value-packed bonuses:

Join Amy’s Digital Course Academy through the link on this page, and you’ll get my bonus suite – my gift for you – on the house. 

Enroll in the Digital Course Academy

 get me inside time genius and send me those bonuses too!

Digital Course Academy

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The Jenna kutcher Bonus Experience

Create a course that builds your income while you sleep. 

It’s my Digital Course Academy support system, implementation lab, toolkit, and roadmap so you can maintain that momentum and confidence as you build, and then launch and serve your students well.

Jenna Kutcher

As Amy’s business BFF and #1 fan, I wanted to sweeten the deal because I know how transformative this program will be for you — so I’m setting you up with *THEE* perfect set of tools for you as a student, the Jenna Kutcher Bonus Experience, to help you get the MOST out of Digital Course Academy!

It’s my own personal roadmap so you can gain clarity, momentum, and confidence as you build, launch, and carve out a new path for your life

Check out what you’re getting for free! Your support system is getting a power-lift!

digital course academy

bonus experience!

Yours FREE when you enroll!

Value $297!


Here’s What You Get Inside The Jenna Kutcher Digital Course Academy Bonus Experience!

The Email List Accelerator Mini-Course

Unleash the full potential of email marketing and discover the step-by-step strategies to effectively utilize email marketing, supercharge your email list, and master the art of serving your audience while maximizing course sales!

bonus 01

Value $179!

My Customizable Workbook Template

Get your hands on our customizable workbook template designed to seamlessly support your course participants, webinar or workshop attendees!

bonus 02

Value $247!

My $10M Evergreen Email Funnel

Access my personal evergreen funnel yep, the one I use to launch courses!), a powerhouse of strategic, fully customizable email templates that has effortlessly generated over $10 million in sales for my business, and now it's yours!

bonus 03

Value $297!

My Exact 6-Figure Launch Checklist

Unleash the blueprint to results and gain exclusive access to my internal launch outline, a battle-tested checklist that I use for my launches to make sure I leave no stone unturned, from content to timing to team roles!  

bonus 04

Value $179!

My Customizable Webinar Slide Deck

Meticulously crafted by my personal graphic designer, get your hands on our customizable slide deck template based off of our most successful webinars and presentations. Save time and effortlessly deliver a gorgeous webinar! 

bonus 05

Value $499!

The Strategy to Sell Your Offer Effectively Bonus Module with Jenna & Amy

Tackle those fears around selling your brand-new course head on! Amy and I are sharing 4 clear steps for how to get buy-in from your audience before you even sell, where to get started when it comes to ALL the tech, and more!

Value $299!

Next Level List Building Mini-Course 

Ready to uplevel your email marketing strategies? Get an all-access pass to a 6-part masterclass style bonus module with SIX of the industry’s BEST list-builders (including yours truly!) teaching you their powerful skillsets - like automating your Instagram engagement, copywriting tricks, and more!

bonus 07

bonus 06

that's a Value of $1,997!

Let’s wrangle all of that content + bonus goodness, shall we?

Enroll in the Digital Course Academy through the link on this page, and you’ll get my bonus suite — my gift for you—on the house.


Digital Course Academy

(Payment plans available!)




The Jenna Kutcher Bonus Experience 

Meet Your Course Leader
Amy Porterfield

She’s your personal wizardly guide through creating a digital course that will rock your world, undoubtedly change lives, and set revenue records, because that’s what she’s been doing for people like you and me for a decade and a half. I love her mentorship and friendship! 

Her proven system changes lives every single day thanks to all the courses she’s helped go from idea to reality. 

Amy has been building online courses
since the day she became an entrepreneur.

successful digital courses


students and growing


million dollars in revenue


years of experience


of lives impacted


01 |

“Do I have the right kind of expertise for a digital course?”

Does it feel weird or uncomfortable when you imagine yourself selling your own course or promoting yourself as an “expert”? Well, I sure did when I was launching my first course. I was sweatin’ every time I shared online, because I didn’t want to sound salesy or scammy or bombard people with something they didn’t want. Turns out, I found people saying “FINALLY!” when they saw my course. This is a mindset shift you’re going to learn, but only when you let yourself say yes to the process – even when it's uncomfortable at first!

And you’re WAY more ready than you think! Amy has helped over 50K students, course-curious people like you, overcome this exact, very normal doubt. In Digital Course Academy, Amy’s guiding you through in-depth mindset trainings that will help you own your brilliance, the experience you already have, and find the confidence to share your smarts with the world. 


Let me read your mind for a sec!


Do any of these resonate with you?

02 |

“Am I cut out to market an online course to people?”

Yes, because the qualifier is simple.  Creating your own courses simply means you can deliver the wisdom and experience you already lean on daily into the hands of more humans than you ever could 1-to-1! People are yearning to glean it from you! And if not from you, then who? You may just impact the lives of people from all over the world and have a blast while doin’ it. 


03 |

“Can a course help me feel like I truly OWN my life again?”

This is where I want to hug you. YES! Even just ONE course can help you do this. Being able to serve people and make money while not having to be AT your desk working on your business (because it’s working FOR you) means you’re free to open up your time, live life on your terms, and chase goals beyond ‘work’! 


04 |

“Can I make REAL money with a digital course?”

YES, big time! You can set up a course to sell while you sleep, which means more nets of stability, more pathways for you to grow your life, go on adventures, and ways to feel safe from all the unknowns of the world. And you don’t have to shoot for the stars here! Creating a course can help you bring in even just an extra $1000 a month! 


05 |

“Do I have the time to create, manage, and sell a course?”

While the idea of a ‘digital course’ might feel like a big undertaking, it doesn’t have to be. What you need is a clear plan for what’s actually necessary to craft, market, and sell your course and Amy will show you exactly how to do that. One of the best things about a course is that it gives you back SO much time. 

With a handful of weeks working with Amy as your mentor, and a community of go-getters in your members-only course creator community fueling your energy, that initial learning season will feel so short (and so worth it.) For years you’ll be selling the courses you create in this next season!


“In 2021, I brought in over $125,000 in course sales, and  I am on track to more than double that number this year! 

Since its creation, I have brought in over $200,000 from my signature course alone. Not only am I earning a great living, but I get to spend all the time I want with my children and work as much or as little as I want, all thanks to my online course business.”

- Michele C.

It’s Not Too Late (Or Too Soon) For You to Begin. 

There’s a reason I believe so wholeheartedly in self-education. I’ve invested more than $100k in my own continuing professional (and personal!) development taking courses for myself. 

It’s where you’ll see doors open you didn’t even know existed, ones that are going to be even more perfectly fit for you because you’ve sharpened your strategy and sense of self along the way.

It’s where your financial cap can now stretch far beyond your Google calendar. Your time to live is expanding right before your eyes. You’re no longer stressed about the uncontrollable things, the unforeseen and normal bumps along life’s path, because your business can run on autopilot powerfully, confidently. 

It's where you'll see story after story hit your inbox about the lives that are changing because you started with yours.

All you need is exactly what you’re going to encourage your course students to have someday soon: the confidence to finally take action. 

Online Education is Powerful.

Digital Course Academy is intentionally, thoughtfully designed to be successful for people who have never created a digital course (or tried before but gave up!)

rave reviews

“Four years later, and I’ve almost made $500,000 through my online programs thanks to Amy...”

I'm at $500,000 and counting through Kajabi since joining DCA. I joined, launched in April, and made my first $4,000 with a $300 course and a 250 per email list. Later that year, I had a $20,000 launch. Four years later, and I’ve almost made $500,000 through my online programs thanks to Amy and thanks to Jenna for introducing me to the world of online education. Digital Course Academy truly helped me create a life-first business.

Braden Adam Drake
Not Your Average Law Firm

“I'm on my way to a multi-six figure year with digital courses... because of DCA.”

Purchasing DCA has helped open my eyes to what my expertise and passions lend themselves to. It wasn't until I took DCA that I realized launching digital courses was exactly like the product launch campaigns I ran as Director of Marketing. I am dang good at launch strategy but more importantly, I love it! Marry that with my passion to help other WOC tap into their genius and monetize their passion and DCA has truly equipped me to live out my brand mission in an impactful, fulfilling way.

Nicole Nieves
The Brand Vibe

“I had to close the cart early, as I had 26 sign ups in about 17 hours!”

I just wanted to make super sure that I wasn't investing in just another course, or starting something I wouldn't finish. No problem! Amy helps you plan a perfect webinar and gives great tips for how to retain your audience and keep them engaged. And with the added bonus of Jenna's offerings, I had how-to's for building my email list as well as growing and having guidelines for launching.

Margo Tantau
Tantau Studio

“I was able to create an online course, create the webinar to drive the traffic, and launch a product.”

My reservation with investing in a program like this is always believing in myself to actually follow through with it, but Amy is by far one of the most organized, system driven people I know. I trust her experience, her knowledge, her expertise, and believe she truly wants the best for me in my business. She made things bite-sizeable, implementable, actionable, and results-driven. 

Natalee Sticht
Fit for Business

“I'm happy to say, a year later I have over 50x my investment, without even launching yet!”

I had no audience, no email list, no following, and no clients, but I purchased DCA knowing I would learn the concepts and implement them. After purchasing a course that was led by two men, this course felt refreshing & relatable. It seemed organized and methodical. It turned out to be all that and more! I'm happy to say, a year later I have over 50x my investment, without even launching yet! I dreamt of this flexibility, this freedom, this lifestyle.

Danielle Slagel
Slagel Langton Co

“DCA is a program you will refer back to again and again.”

I really love that because I am able to make these digital courses, I have a sustainable business that I can easily scale, and replicate the revenue I was generating from being a professional photographer. If DCA is something you are even considering at all, just go ahead and take that leap. Amy takes the guess-work out of how to create an online course, in a way that is easy to implement, and teaches you how to successfully market it to your ideal client.

Tara Giles
Tara Giles Photography

“She really makes it possible for anyone to start from square one.”

From launching courses, to learning how to do a webinar, to learning about the pre-launch, content marketing and the smaller (yet very important) things in between. Without launching our courses and webinars and masterclasses, all learned from DCA, there is no way we would have been able to move back home to Minnesota and there is no way I would have been able to launch my own business! I have almost 30x my investment in DCA.

Hilary Krueger
Hilary Krueger LLC

“Amy's course was the first one that really moved me into action. I am so thankful for her.”

What’s amazing to me, is that all year long, I had told myself that I didn’t have time to create a digital course, and all of the sudden, in the middle of a pandemic, I managed to pivot my brick and mortar, create an e-commerce site by myself overnight, add delivery and pick-up services, quadruple the shop revenue, AND create and launch my digital course, all during a time when we were suddenly without childcare. Participating in DCA has given my business a financial boost and given me incredible hope and optimism for the future.

Stephanie Lentz
Scoop Marketplace & Scoop Intelligence

“The whole roadmap and Amy's experience is gold.”

After I launched my very first course - without DCA - I felt blah. Like I needed a clear roadmap to attract the right audience, to differentiate myself from others and to create a solid course that I can sell through the years. Now I have several courses and a membership site, and everything started because I believed in myself and I have a great coach (Amy). I dream bigger and I now want to help so many Spanish speaking people from around the globe. I'm thinking more strategically and I'm doing what I love. 

Catalina Desormeaux
La Brandista

“DCA was one of those moments where I signed up for myself, my future & my family in a HUGE way!”

Before DCA, I had never spent this kind of money on post college education or tools to launch my own digital product. DCA opened my eyes to a new world of opportunities such as: leaving the corporate world knowing I can launch a product that will impact many lives & give me more quality time with my young family! If you find yourself sharing knowledge/tips/tricks whatever it may be on a topic so close to your genius you don't even realize it, then it's time to invest in DCA, create a course & share your knowledge with the world.

Abby Harriman
The Harriman Co.

“DCA is the most comprehensive course I ever purchased.”

I don't think I could have launched a brand new product in a few months without the training and support I got in DCA. Having a step-by-step plan that fits your own pace is the best feature and Amy is THE EXPERT in courses so you get her undivided support and knowledge to create your digital course. I dream so much bigger! When I started, I just wanted a course to support the people that couldn't afford my service. I easily 5x my investment so far and on track to bring in 20K more with my big launch.

Roberta West

“There are no words to appropriately articulate how amazing DCA is.” 

I work in a poor lit, windowless office, where I listen to slamming doors and radio traffic all day. Between me, you, and this screen I feel like my soul is dying there. DCA gave me hope that I can pursue my purpose in life. DCA inspired me to take confident action and evoked a confidence I never knew I had. Before being introduced to Jenna and Amy, I didn't even know courses were a thing. I thought the only way to help people was trading time for money and that future felt bleak. Now I dream dreams wilder than I had ever dreamed, and the best part is, I actually believe in my core that I will attain them.

Tara Bixby

“Amy's push to validate my course idea was invaluable.”

DCA is a clear roadmap and quite thorough. Amy's push to validate my course idea was invaluable. I wouldn't have known to do that on my own, and it helped me determine who I wanted to serve. Additionally, her guidance and behind-the-scenes walk through of how to create a webinar that converts was priceless... I made my first $5K working 1:1 coaching teachers within three months of completing DCA! Have that entrepreneurial bug, but not sure how to get going? DCA can help you take many steps forward.

Chrissy Allison
Mindful Math Coach

“I wish I took this course four launches ago.”

I'm an accent and speaking coach and my course is aimed at non-native English speakers who are looking to feel confident and clear when speaking English. I have learned so much from Amy and wish I took this course four launches ago. It would have saved me many sleepless nights, mistakes, and lots of money. But at the same time, I don't regret a thing. Because the realization of what sensitive, effortless, intelligent and powerful marketing really is, was worth the journey.

Hadar Shemesh
Accent’s Way

Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

After 14 days in Digital Course Academy, you’ll have received access to the first 2 modules of the program. You’ll have validated your course idea… mapped out your digital course launch… and you might even have started making course sales using my “First Ten” validation strategy… all before you ever have to make a final financial commitment to Digital Course Academy.

I want Digital Course Academy to be a “hell yes” for you, friend.

But if you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your course idea (and your ability to launch and sell it like a pro), simply send an email to to request a refund.

Money Back Guarantee



Amy & Jenna

Your course Captains!

That’s why I’m *emphatically* inviting you to learn from my mentor-turned-business-BFF. 

If you’ve been around for a minute, you’ll know I’m suuuper not shy about sharing the fact that I used to listen to Amy Porterfield’s podcast... in the shower. She’s been a backbone of inspiration for years upon years! After tuning in faithfully week by week, I decided to finally invest in myself (via her coursework) and shifted from ‘inspired listener’ to, well, a course creator. An… educator!

Who knows whose life You will change?

Amy is absolutely unmatched at what she does; I don’t throw that kind of respect around lightly. She’s shown that she really has a deep instinct about online course strategy (her manifold success reveals that) and I’d bet my bottom dollar there’s no one better suited to lead you!

If you think about it, I wouldn’t be where I am today if she hadn’t shared her knowledge in the first place, right?

And I was determined to become a success story. Amy was my online BFF (who at the time didn't even know I existed) and my business coach.

Eventually, we got to know each other IRL! That friendship spark was more instant than ramen noodles, and we built an awesome connection over the years! But through it all, I continued to watch, learn, and study Amy and her work. 

I want to come alongside you and offer a few tools of the trade that will help you work through the program I’m a proud graduate of.

But there’s probably already a course out there on what I’d teach…

A: There’s also probably someone out there who does what you do now, too—and yet it’s possible for you to figure out how to still succeed, yes? Inside Digital Course Academy, Amy actually addresses this because it can actually be used to your advantage if you know how to go about validating your idea properly. 

Put it this way: Amy and I both teach courses about email list building — each in our own distinctly effective way. If I let the fact that another course existed on the topic I wanted to teach stop me (even one created by my BFF), I’d never be where I am today. You can’t let it stop you either.

Frequently asked

I’m scared of the cost that comes from actually creating a course. How do I make sure this investment is worth it?

A: Creating a course built on your own expertise means that this project comes from YOU, which also means it can be hard to invest in it. We don’t always feel comfortable with investing in ourselves, so here’s my encouragement and reminder to you: 

Everything you need to create and market a profitable digital program is right here inside Digital Course Academy, which means you’ll be able to gain a proven course system (and that could have cost you lots of money otherwise.) And from there, you can decide what investment you get to make.

Amy and I really get this part of the journey and our primary goal here is not to weigh you down with more tasks, costs, and responsibilities —it’s to free you up. More time. More money. More living which is priceless in my personal opinion.

WOW, Digital Course Academy is definitely a financial investment. Why the cost?

A: No denying that DCA is a pretty big investment, even for very seasoned entrepreneurs. Like I mentioned, my sweat glands were flowing when I first invested in Amy’s program.

But, I know first hand that DCA can pay for itself when you jump in—especially when you jump in by grabbing my Jenna Kutcher Bonus Experience. I know it’s expensive, which is why I wanted to give a bonus worth $1,997 to you—my gift—for free, so that it’s plain as day that you have what you need to make it through the program and see results.

You heard it here first: creating a course isn’t a breeze. It’s hard work, especially at first. But if you put your mind to it, envision your own experience, and implement the program, I know that you can make your investment back. If you buy it but never even open it, then that’ll be another story… which is why implementation is where I really want to lend a hand! Hence, my bonuses.

Selling the course I create is the part that intimidates me. How do I overcome that?

A: I really feel this one; selling was something I was very uncomfortable with at first. Amy doesn’t leave this stone unturned in Digital Course Academy! You’re not just going to learn how to create an amazing course; you’re going to learn how to sell it confidently. With her proven strategies, you’ll build an audience that is ready to buy from you (which makes it a lot easier to sell your course to them, because they’re already waiting for it!) And her mindset trainings are absolutely priceless. You may not feel ready now, but when it comes time to release your new digital course to the world, you will be!


Makes sense. I want to build my unique course inside DCA with the JKxDCA Bonus Experience package! →

I want to invest in myself and my future! Take me to the course →

Yes, I want DCA + the Jenna Kutcher Bonus Experience—because I want to learn how to make it back … and then some! →

I am ready to level up my mindset! Let’s do this! →

I’m super new to digital marketing… could this course be too advanced for me?

A: In my opinion, a blank slate is the best case scenario for you going into this! For the more seasoned marketing folks, they’ll have to unlearn some old ways (which can be tricky!) But this course is designed to hold your hand from your very own starting line. From the moment you dig into the course, Amy’s made sure that you’re not stressed by marketing jargon or that feeling that you ‘just started but are already behind.’ While this is *thee* top tier course creation program, it’s not stuffy or assuming. 

But get ready to launch into a creative challenge! You’ll be learning new things with Amy’s mentorship and guidance, which means you will be advancing and growing your skills. Pace yourself, breathe, and don’t let doubt slow you down. Remember, this is about more time, more peace, more income, more freedom. 

I want THAT kind of growth in my life! I’m ready to enroll! →

What if I’ve been known to be the opposite of tech-savvy?

A: Don’t you worry for one sec about that! Amy didn’t go into course creation with all the tech skills and tools up her sleeve. And neither did I when Amy first showed me the ropes! She’ll point you in all the right directions when it comes to the platforms you can rely on to help you make your course creation journey smooth and low-stress. You won’t be learning how to code or staying up all night Googling about your technical difficulties. You can spend your time and energy on plugging your brilliance into a course, while the tech stays low key as you learn!

Low key sounds like the way for me! Take me to enrollment! →

how do I get my bonus suite?

A: Click the button on this page, and you’ll be sent to Amy’s full Digital Course Academy page (that way, you can remember what you get inside her program!) Enroll in Digital Course Academy there, and… 

Internet magic will alert me that we've got a new JK bonus experience student on our hands—welcome! Once you're in, Amy will make sure you get access to the course and her bonuses. Then you'll also get You a special email from me so you can access your Jenna Kutcher Bonus Suite...

Fast forward 3 months, and you’re ready to launch. Not only have you built a beautiful course, but you’re killin’ it on socials, you’ve built an email list of 250+ people primed, and have the tech down-pat, gearing up to go evergreen. Time to celebrate!

The course and all these bonuses go away on September 28th. grab them before they're gone! →

They’re on the line waiting to help you chat through the questions and doubts that keep you on the fence about whether a course is the next best move for you. 

Worried about the tech? Hidden or future costs? Not having an audience yet? The uncomfortable idea of positioning yourself as an ‘expert’? 

No scripts, no bots, no annoying phone-trees that keep you on hold for an hour. Real humans who want to give you some course clarity. 

Bring your questions to Amy’s Team of Course Experts!

We've got you covered!

Amy’s team of course creation guides are waiting for your call! 


Do you still have lingering questions about becoming a digital course creator?

Grab the exact step-by-step course creation a-ha’s I’ve used to bring in more than $5M in digital courses since my first one.

Take a deep breath—this could change everything for you.

As someone who saw that happen in her own life when she started teaching and creating digital courses

I  personally can’t wait to help you get there, too.


So, now it’s officially YOUR turn.

Join Amy’s Digital Course Academy through the link on this page, and you’ll get my bonus suite – my gift for you – on the house. 

Enroll in the Digital Course Academy


Digital Course Academy

(Payment plans available!)




The Jenna kutcher Bonus Experience

Create a course that builds your income while you sleep. 

You probably already know this, because you're smart... but your success is up to you. I can’t predict your results, and I can’t guarantee you’ll accomplish the same kind of achievements or financial success as you’ve seen here. Please don’t expect a specific outcome just because you bought this course. As with anything in business, there’s always some risk to any investment you make.

It's so fun to share others' experiences through testimonials. These are real people who have really achieved the results they're claiming. But, their results are no guarantee. I love to show you what's possible!

The Bottom Line? You are responsible for your own success, and I'm here to guide you as best as I can!

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